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 Neck pain is a common condition

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Neck pain is a common condition, affecting millions of Americans. In many cases, x-rays do not show anything visibly wrong with the neck, suggesting that the problem is a relatively subtle one involving soft tissues. (Conversely, x-rays of people without neck pain often show arthritis; this suggests that even when positive x-ray results are found in people with neck pain, they may be unrelated.) Subtle or not in origin, the discomfort of neck pain can be severe, and lead to real disability.
The cause of soft-tissue neck pain is not known. Symptoms may follow a whiplash injury, or simply arise, apparently, from bad posture or chronic tension.
NOTE: It is unclear that any conventional medicine intervention for neck pain or whiplash speeds recovery or produces any other long term benefit.9-10,20
Osteopathic manipulation, a form of treatment often compared to chiropractic, is widely believed to help neck pain, but there is as yet no meaningful scientific evidence to support its use for this condition.14 Many people with neck pain use massage therapy for relief, but, again, scientific support is lacking, and one study found fake laser acupuncture more effective than massage for neck pain.5
A treatment called prolotherapy, as well as the herb white willow, have shown promise for back pain, and might be useful for neck pain as well.
In one study, an ambitious holistic treatment regimen for neck pain (including craniosacral osteopathy along with Rosen Bodywork and Gestalt Psychotherapy) failed to prove more effective than no treatment.16
Other herbs and supplements sometimes recommended for neck pain, either on the basis of their use for related conditions, or because of their known medical properties, include boswellia, butterbur, chondroitin, ginger, glucosamine, proteolytic enzymes, and turmeric.
Biofeedback, hypnosis, and relaxation therapies may offer help for pain in general
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Neck pain is a common condition
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