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 Enzyme Safety

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Enzyme Safety
Digestive enzymes are produced regularly by the pancreas in all animals including humans. They occur in raw food and by some microorganisms. Thus they are everywhere in nature and are in our bodies all the time. They are necessary for life. Taking enzymes only adds to what should be there anyway. What about the general question of safety taking enzymes? What about long-term effects? Are there upper or toxic limits to how much one can take?
In a sense, trying to show that enzymes are harmful even over a lifetime is like trying to show that drinking water is harmful even over a lifetime. Everyone gets sick at some point and eventually dies and everyone drinks water. . . so can we prove that drinking water causes death? The long-term safety of enzyme supplements has been explored in detail for a hundred years. The result is that enzymes are generally found to be highly safe with no toxic limit no matter how much you take or for how long you take them. There is research showing that it is the lack of enzymes that causes problems, not taking too many.
Enzymes have very specific mechanisms. Many are well known and characterized. Each enzymes has a very particular job. Enzymes work according to ordinary biochemical properties and are not living organisms complete with free will and instincts. Because of this, enzymes have far fewer side-effects and unknown possible reactions than other compounds, supplements, or medications. This feature makes them extremely safe.
Also, healthy tissue and cells have natural mechanisms protecting them from enzyme action. The body is full of checks and balances, including lots of enzyme inhibitors, which allow enzymes in your body to function properly without digesting you away. Enzymes are used for wound healing because they selectively degrade infection and dead tissue away while leaving healing tissue growing. Enzymes are used to remove tumors because they attack the cancerous tissue and remove it, while faciliating the growth of healthy tissue. This built-in natural selective property of enzymes can be seen on surface wounds. It has also be seen and measured in cell cultures and by monitoring internal wounds and tumors (Enzyme therapy, Wolf)
No known toxicity has been demonstrated at any level of enzyme dosing in animal studies or in humans. Animals survived outrageously large quantities of enzymes without damage so it has been impossible to find a lethal dose (no LD50). In 'Enzymes – The Fountain of Life,' Lopez relates how researchers fed guinea pigs and rats a daily enzyme dose for six months which would have corresponded to around 250 tablets per day for a 60 kilogram (134 pound) person. No ill effects. In another study, rats were fed enzymes equivalent to a human dose of 2500 tablets daily for a short period and the rats only seemed a little fatigued. Research has also looked at cell changes and mutations. They found no negative affects at all.
Recorded information on the safety of using digestive enzymes goes back to the early 1900s. This would be both reasonable and understandable to expect because, after all, our digestive system is swimming with digestive enzymes all the time anyway. Every time you eat fresh fruits, vegetables, or other raw food you are consuming digestive enzymes.
As far as long-term safety is concerned, keep in mind that you are full of enzymes throughout your lifetime. Those with certain medical conditions like malfunctioning pancreases need to take enzymes their entire lives to survive.
Digestive enzymes are classified as a safe food in the United States and have GRAS status (Generally Regarded As Safe). Since they are not in the realm of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), specific digestive enzyme blends are neither FDA approved or unapproved, just as oatmeal is not specifically FDA approved or unapproved for you to eat. However, enzyme therapy is currently FDA approved in the treatment of certain health conditions (Lopez 1994). These include:
• cardiovascular disorders
• gastrointestinal conditions, particularly pancreatic insufficiency and related disorders
• replacement therapy for specific genetic disorders and deficiencies
• cancer treatment
• debridement of wounds (degradation or cleaning out of dying or dead/necrotic tissue)
• removal of toxin substances from the blood
Taking Enzymes Maintains Health
Here is one of many links telling about health benefits of enzymes. It contains a series of articles of enzymes and various health issues, and how enzymes may be beneficial in each one.
http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/dansub/enzymerepcomplete.pdf (396 pages)
In the Enzyme Therapy by Dr Max Wolf, he summarizes the research to date from the early 1900s through 1972. Dr Wolf is regarded as a leader in enzyme therapy. Under General Directions for oral enzymes, he writes, "Proteolytic enzymes are non-toxic to healthy tissues, even is highest concentration."
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Enzyme Safety
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