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Oral Proteolytic Enzymes in the Treatment of Athletic Injuries: A Double Blind Study, The Pennsylvania Medical Journal, October, 1965. Richard E. Deitrick, M.D., concluded, “Oral enzymes accelerate healing”. As a result of his research he added oral enzymes as a routine to his treatment of athletic injuries. The beneficial effect was not limited to one type of injury, but was seen in a variety of injuries normally encountered in contact sports.
The Use of Proteolytic Enzymes in Sporting Injuries, S.A. Medical Journal, Feb., 1971. In this double blind study of patients sustaining injuries due to accidental trauma in sports, the authors found considerably less bruising, a quicker return to function and fitness to resume play in the proteolytic enzyme treated group. They also noted that the enzymes reduced swelling considerably.
Oral Anti-Inflammatory Enzyme Therapy in Injuries in Professional Football, The Practitioner, April, 1967. “The results reported here confirmed our impressions” that the preparation tested “is effective in reducing time lost due to soft tissue injury in professional football. Doubtless these conclusions are equally valid for similar injuries sustained in other circumstances — sporting, industrial or accidental.” No side effects were observed.
The British Journal of Clinical Practice, September, 1970. A preparation containing trypsin and chymotrypsin was tested on professional football players. Neither the physician nor the patients knew which patients received the enzyme preparation until after the study. “Two separately conducted double blind trials have confirmed the value of proteolytic enzyme therapy in resolving inflammation and associated edema and increasing recovery rates. The overall reduction in recovery time is 1.3 days for hematomata and 2.4 days for sprains — an approximate 27% decrease in recovery time.” Both groups received physical therapy.
Oral Enzyme Tablets in the Treatment of Boxing Injuries, The Practitioner, April, 1967. The author concludes that an enzyme preparation of trypsin and chymotrypsin appears “to be useful both prophylactically and for the treatment of boxing injuries.” The boxers were given either oral enzyme tablets or a placebo one half to one hour before boxing. Among 55 injured boxers who received enzymes, bruising, abrasions, hematomas and sprains cleared up in four to five days and boxing was resumed in one week. Four cuts in the upper lip did not require suturing and cleared up in a week. Four sutured cuts in the orbital region healed completely in two weeks. Among 34 injured boxers who received placebos, bruising, abrasions, hematomas and sprains took two to three weeks to clear. Four sutured cuts took four weeks to heal completely.
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