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Therapeutic Value of Oral Proteolytic Enzymes Following Hand Surgery, Archives of Surgery, January, 1969. “The results indicate that enzyme therapy minimizes the edema so frequently seen following hand surgery. In the group treated with enzymes, 21 of 25 patients were considered symptom free on the seventh postoperative day. In the placebo treated group, only 4 of 29 were so classified. Doctors in this randomized, double blind study did not know which patients received the enzymes until after the experiment.
Journal of the American Podiatry Association, July, 1979. C. R. Young, D.P.M., recommends giving proteolytic enzymes 5 days prior to undergoing surgery. The same dose was administered each day while in the hospital and for 5 days following discharge. Dr. Young suggests that better results will be obtained if you begin giving proteolytic enzymes before surgery or trauma, rather than waiting until after an injury has taken place to initiate treatment.
The Use of Proteolytic Enzymes in Reducing Post-Operative Hematomata Associated with Vein Stripping, Lakartidningent, 1971. The authors conclude that proteolytic enzymes “exert a very good effect on the resorption of hematomata.” The group of patients treated with enzymes also “had fewer and less severe postoperative infections.”
The Effect of Bromelain Therapy on Episiotomy Wounds — A Double Blind Controlled Clinical Trial,The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the British Commonwealth, 1972. This double blind controlled clinical trial showed that “the rate of reduction of edema and bruising was more rapid in the patients on bromelain than in those taking placebo, especially when edema and bruising were severe.”
Three independent double blind trials in obstetrics have shown that proteolytic enzymes are effective following episiotomy. In all three trials there was a lower incidence of pain, swelling and tenderness in the enzyme treated group as compared to the control group Schmnitz & Pavlic, 1961, Obstet. Gynec. 17:260, 1961. Bumgardner & Satuchni, Amer. J. Obstet. Gynec. 92:514, 1965. Soule, Wasserman & I. Burstein, Amer. J. Obstet. Gynec. 95:820, 1966.
Amer. J. Proctol. 13:249, 1962. “A reduction in pain and edema has been observed in rectal surgery and a reduction in the healing time following minor anal-rectal procedures, hemorrhoids and anal fissures.”
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