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 Zafirlukast Treatment for Asthma and Allergies: People, Dogs & Cats

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Zafirlukast Treatment for Asthma and Allergies: People, Dogs & Cats
Effective Treatment for Asthma and Atopic Dermatitis
By travels, published Feb 28, 2008 , Published Content: 313 Total Views: 468,695 Favorited By: 2 CPs

Feline asthma (bronchitis or feline bronchial disease) similar to human asthma, allergic reaction cause upper respiratory distressed breathing. 12 In the United States, feline asthma affects one percent of more than twelve million cats. 13 Triggering asthma attack in cats: Smoke, house chemicals, mold or mildew, cat litter, pollens and cold or moist air. Symptoms of feline asthma include: Cat trying to cough up a hair ball, possible choking on food, sneezing and may expel foamy mucous. 12 Feline asthma treatable by conventional asthma therapy, however few cats suffer side effects or non-effective. According to Lisa Moore, an assistant professor of clinical sciences at Kansas State University, zafirlukast proved successful treat asthma in humans, being studied to treat feline asthma. Initial results shown the drug effective but further studies are required to prove the safety, efficacy and proper dosage. Lisa Moore said: 'Some people say it helps. We'd like to get some scientific information to find out if that's true". 13

Second most common skin disease in dogs is atopic dermatitis, affecting ten percent of the canine population. 14 Allergic reaction causes atopic dermatitis in dogs, common substances in the environment such as house dust mites. 15 During a clinical test, eleven percent of dogs (2 out of 20), zafirlukast effectively reduced atop dermatitis by at least fifty percent. The medication metabolizes in the liver and less than three percent excreted in the urine. During experiment studies, at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, the medication had shown no adverse side effects and no fatalities. 14 Also, zafirlukast potentially safe to treat dermatitis (commonly associated with asthma) in humans or equally effective compared to corticosteroids. Further studies require confirmation regarding safety and efficacy usage of the medication. 16

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Zafirlukast Treatment for Asthma and Allergies: People, Dogs & Cats
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