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 Are Digestive Enzymes Safe for Children?

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Are Digestive Enzymes Safe for Children?
Children now suffer from many of the digestive problems once found only in adults. Digestive enzymes supplements are a safe and effective way to help with this problem.
We aren’t what we eat, we are what we absorb. Optimal digestion is dependent upon the balance of digestive enzymes in our system and the ability to manufacture enough necessary enzymes. Often, adults with digestive disorders, or poor digestion, use enzyme supplements as a natural and effective therapy. Children today face as wide of a range of digestive problems as adults, leaving us with the question if digestive enzymes are as safe for children as they are for adults.
According to DicQue Fuller, founder and president of Transformation Enzyme Corporation, who healed her own daughter with enzyme therapy, “Children are treated not by size, but by need. Some children and babies can receive as many enzymes as an adult patient if necessary. There is no evidence that extra enzymes cause any sort of damage, even over a long period of time. However, there is an overwhelming amount of information showing just how depleted of enzymes we are in general, and the negative effects of this, on the general population.”
Today, children are increasingly vulnerable to digestive ailments and the long term diseases that accompany them. According to Liz Lipski, author of Digestive Wellness for Children, “Many of children’s health problems such as ADD, obesity, autism, asthma, depression, and diabetes actually stem from poor food choice and faulty digestion. Much of this illness is preventable, controllable, and curable.” An inability to absorb the food we take in often creates a reaction in our system of either deficiency, or an immune system response such as inflammation, due to the undigested particles entering the blood stream. In the long run, both situations set our bodies up for disease.
Our ability to manufacture our own digestive enzymes is determined when we are only 9-12 weeks old and still in the womb. External stresses or insufficient nutrition during this time deeply affects the ability, first as a child and later as an adult, to maintain a healthy and natural balance of digestive enzymes. While it was once thought that a child’s bacterial and intestinal flora was balanced by the age of three, research is now showing that there is not balance until puberty is reached. If children are given foods they do not have the sufficient enzymes to digest, a process of degeneration and stress in the system begins. However, a child’s ability to digest their food and access the nutrients to grow healthy and strong, can be highly supported by taking enzyme supplements.
“What children are fed, and their own ability to create enzymes can be greatly enhanced by taking daily enzymatic supplements to support their health and longevity. It’s never too early to start. Your can give a child enzymes from the first day they come home from the hospital, or to the mother if they’re breastfeeding,” according to Dr. Lipski.
Find more information on using digestive enzymes with children by visiting the enzyme section at www.InnovativeHealing.com/shop. Healthcare professionals can visit www.TransformationHealthSystems.com for more information.
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Are Digestive Enzymes Safe for Children?
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